Here an introduction to 2-Stoke technics

A Java presentation about the events happening in and around the cylinder during one crankshaft rotation.

Simplified representation of an 2-Stroke engine, with all main parts.

Java applet is here.
Please use Java enabled browser.

See it run : slow fast topspeed

Or like Paul Angyal ( uses to say :
Stroke 1: starting from the BDC (bottom dead center) the piston is moving upward and opens the intake port sucking in fresh mixture into the crankcase, then pushes it up through the transfer port to the ignition chamber and compresses it there. A few degrees before TDC (top dead center) the spark plug ignites and combustion follows.
Stroke 2: the explosion pushes the piston downward providing torque (this is the actual labour phase). As it passes the exhaust port the burned gasses exit there; immediately after, the transfer port opens and the fresh mixture in the crankcase below goes to the compression chamber.

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