The Moped Webring Home

You found it ! , and here is how it works :
The Moped webring is a collection of sites with a special interest into MOPEDS. No matter what brand, type or color, everybody can join.

The only (2) things you have to do are :

  • In order to join a Ring you must be logged in with an user id. We do this to make it possible for you to alter the site url or other ring related data, in a later time. So don't loose your login and pasword ! After the login procedure you can add your site information, to join the ring. If you are complete new to webrings , click here. If you are an existing Webring user follow this link.
  • Put a piece of html in your homepage, this will be send to you by E-mail. Cut and paste in the source code with a text editor.

After submitting, your account data is placed in a queue, waiting for approval of the RingMaster (no censorship, but No Mopeds -> No Ring Member, easy). In the email you receive is the HTML text you HAVE TO include in your page-source (on the page you submitted!), if not (yet) on the page, no approval izz simple.....but then, when approved, your site will be added to the webring, and you will receive another email with the confirmation etc.. Then you are also included in the Moped Webring Index.

this is how it looks like:

  • In case of problems after submission you can mail the RingMaster

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